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Cultural Heritage of Humanity (Since 2010 by UNESCO)

Maíz, Tomate, Chile, Nopal, Aguacate, Vanilla, Mezcal, Chocolate, ...much more than just ingredients, they are also symbols of Traditions and Roots that have shaped the identity of the Mexican People, through the ages.

Richness, completeness, diversity and creativity are the characteristics of the Traditional Mexican cuisine: A legacy from Mexico to the world.

Come and join our cooking and food tasting experiences in Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen and Ensenada and discover a treasure of culture and flavor !

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Meet our Mexican Chefs and enjoy Authentic Culinary and Cultural Experiences. Our mission is to become ambassadors of the culture and traditions of our beloved México and our asset is one of the most extraordinary heritages of our nation: The Flavors of the Mexican Cuisine. We will share with you the recipes and the cuisine of our grandmothers and our mothers, the traditional flavors that have been transmitted generation by generation in our own families.

These are the recipes that we grew up with and the meals with which we were delighted on Fiesta days. This is the cuisine that has created our memories, the one that brings nostalgic to our hearts and the one that bonded our families.

Join us on a trip to the local markets and hand pick the spices and the ingredients that you will use on your cooking class. Learn about the chiles, and local produces. Pick with us the corn dough that you will use to hand make your own Tortillas. And feel welcome to the house of your Mexican Master Chef for an authentic: Mi Casa es tu Casa Cooking Experience.

Cook, Learn, Have Fun, Eat and Enjoy of an Authentic Mexican Feast !!




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"Juan More Taco Tours" offers Unique and Authentic local experiences in the main travel destinations of México: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos Ensenada, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta. Our mission is to be ambassadors of the Culture and Flavors of our beloved México. Our Food and Taco Tours are conducted by knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guides who will lead you off the Eaten-path for you to Experience a total immersion into the Flavors and Culture of Mexico, from Street food to Locally owned restaurants, from Tacos and Tostadas to Tamales and Churros, from Horchata to Pulpa de Tamarindo to Agua de Jamaica and Tequila!!! We love our country and we are more than happy to share with you the best of the Local Mexican Flavors and Native Culture, from the eyes of the locals!

Juan More Taco Tours is the Best way for you to experience the Real Mexican culture and to achieve a better knowledge of the Mexican food and the Mexican Culture, while you delight yourself with the tasty flavors of Street and Urban Foods crafted by Local cooks and Take a little bit of Mexico with you permanently.


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