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Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Traditional Mexican Cuisine is part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity list declared by UNESCO (2010)


MaízTomate Chile Nopal Frijol Vainilla Chocolate

Much more than just ingredients, they are the roots of our heritage and the foundation of our traditions.

Mexican people have been inspired through the ages by the plentifulness of our lands and the variance of elements used to satisfy, not only our stomachs, but also our souls.

We are proud to share our legacy with the world and hope you find it as nurturing and memorable as we have.

The Cooking Experience

Authentic Mexican Cooking Classes

Our mission is to become ambassadors of the Mexican culture and preserve that warm, familiar feeling that Traditional Mexican cuisine creates. For this we will be sharing with you the recipes of our mother's and grandmother's that we grew up with as well as the heartfelt emotions behind which have made these traditional flavors continue down generation to generation.

Welcome to the home of your personal Mexican Master Chef to enjoy an authentic culinary and cultural experience by learning from how to pick out the best chile at the local market to making your own tortillas.

Cook, Learn, Enjoy and Have fun. Mi casa es su casa.


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Experience a unique local Taco Tour in Mexico's most popular travel destinations: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Ensenada, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Vallarta.

Our insightful and enthusiastic ambassadors will lead you off the Eaten Path where you will be immersed into the flavors and culture of Mexico.

From tacos and tostadas to tamales and churros. Agua de Horchata and Tamarindo to Tequila and Mezcal, we Love our country and we will be happy to show you how much you will love it too!

Be ready to Delight yourself with the flavors of Urban food and street stands that the locals have to offer.


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